Obesity and weight loss groups

It happens that the role of society is underestimated in obesity treatment. One of the researches has shown that weight loss is socially contagious. It is known that a positive influence of social group members increases the likelihood of success of the whole group.

The same happens in groups that fight together against overweight or obesity. Usually, members of the same group gain equal weight loss results. The greatest weight loss is observed in those, who were influenced by other members of this group.
Nutritionists consider weight loss significant, if it is a 5% loss of the initial body weight.
"Members of one group reach such result more often than others do. It happens because people around us always affect our life. In fact, the support of people we love and a positive influence of surrounding stimulate even greater weight loss."
People, who share their experience and have a support of surrounding people, reach their goals three times faster. Besides, communication in a group may lessen emotional instability and risk of depressive disorders.