Duromine generics in Australia

Duromine drug is a leader at Australian market of weight loss products. Development of new weight loss drugs is the priority direction of modern pharmacology. However, almost a quarter of a century, Duromine pills remain the most prescribed diet pills not only in Australia, but also in many other Asia-Pacific countries.

Duromine huge popularity is caused by competent marketing promotion and affordable price, rather than by its efficiency. In Australia, Duromine price is significantly lower than the price for similar weight loss drugs manufactured by other companies. It is not surprising that drugs containing Phentermine are not imported to Australia from other countries.
Duromine pills are produced by one of the largest Australian pharmaceutical companies – iNova. This company sells Duromine pills not only in Australia, but also exports them to neighboring countries. Offering the consumers a low price of Duromine, iNova creates a competitive advantage, which closes the manufacturers of Duromine generic drugs the access at the Australian market.

Many Australians taking Duromine even do not suppose that dozens of other drugs available at the international market contain anorexigenic agent – Phentermine as Duromine. You can buy such drugs both under the patented brand names (Adipex, Suprenza) and under nonproprietary name Phentermine.
It is noteworthy that positive balance of Duromine cost and efficiency is a barrier for sale in Australia not only other drugs containing Phentermine (Duromine generic drugs), but also diet pills containing other anorectic agents (including Amfepramone, Benzphetamine, Phendimetrazine, Mazindol).

By means of Duromine diet pills, iNova company managed to monopolize the Australian market of Rx weight loss products. Thus, only the manufacturers of over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills create a real competition to iNova.
In 2012, two new drugs (Belviq and Qsymia) appeared at the international pharmaceutical market that are not yet sold in Australia.

It is quite possible that in 2017, obese Australians will have the possibility to choose between Duromine and other RX diet pills.

Indeed, until Rx alternative to Duromine will appear at the Australian market, all those who have contraindications to Duromine will use OTC dietary supplements to combat obesity.
Duromine may cause severe side effects and it has dozens of contraindications. Therefore, the problem of choosing a real alternative to Duromine is far more relevant for obese Australians than for people from other countries.

If you want to buy cheap Duromine pills but they are contraindicated to you, discuss with your doctor the possibility to replace Duromine by other diet pills that you can buy in your country.