Duromine affects pregnancy

Duromine weight loss drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant and nursing mothers did not participate in clinical trials of safety and efficiency of Duromine anorexigenic drug.

However, there is data about the fact that Duromine passes the placenta. Thus, the use of Duromine capsules during pregnancy may have negative effect on the fetal development. Therefore, Duromine diet pills should not be prescribed as weight loss drug to women during pregnancy.

Duromine with contraceptives
Women of reproductive age are recommended to use reliable contraceptives (condoms, vaginal and uterine caps, female condoms, birth control tablets) during the use of Duromine diet capsules.

Duromine may reduce therapeutic effect of some contraceptive tablets. So, it is recommended to consult the treating doctor when choosing contraceptive methods.
Duromine at men
In contrast to women, men can take Duromine weight loss capsules. The use of Duromine capsules does not affect the sperm motility and sperm quality. A man can fertilize the female egg even when he uses Duromine diet pills.
Duromine at breast milk
There is no clinical safety data of using Duromine capsules during breastfeeding. Given that most medications pass into breast milk, their use is contraindicated during lactation. The use of medications during lactation may cause an allergic reaction in a child, even if the mother has no allergy to this drug.

Therapeutic effect of Duromine is provided through the influence on the central nervous system. Therefore, it can be assumed that entering the child’s body, Duromine may cause the central nervous system depression in the newborn. During lactation, the Duromine use can also cause excitation in the child and disrupt his sleep. Therefore, nursing women should avoid taking Duromine diet pills.
If you want to lose weight before pregnancy planning, ask all your questions by phone or email before buying Duromine online. You can get a qualified advice from a pharmacist from the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and any other country of the world.