Duromine alternatives

Duromine is a brand name of the most popular weight loss drug – Phentermine. Pharmaceutical company INova Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer and provider of Duromine diet capsules in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2011, INova became a part of the global company, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. The merging of these pharmaceutical companies helped expanding the trade area for the RX weight loss drug Duromine. Duromine capsules by INova are available in a wide variety of dosage:

  • Duromine 15mg oral capsules
  • Duromine 30mg oral capsules
  • Duromine 40mg oral capsules
One can buy Duromine diet pills in the Asia-Pacific region, South Africa and other international markets. In case, there is no Duromine in your region, some other drugs that contain Phentermine, may become alternative to this weight loss product.

Duromine generics that contain active ingredient Phentermine are a good alternative to original Duromine capsules. Generics of Duromine possess the same pharmacological, pharmacodynamic and therapeutic properties, as the original Duromine capsules, produced by INova.

In Australia, Duromine generics are sold under the following trademarks:
  • Metermine
  • Phentermine Resin-iNova
  • Phentermine Resin-Valeant

In the USA, generics Duromine are sold under the trademarks:

  • Ionamin (dosed 15mg and 30mg)
  • Adipex-P (dosage 37.5mg)
  • Phentermine Hydrochloride (wide range of doses)
Just as the original Duromine capsules, Duromine generics are prescribed for treatment of obesity in adults and teenagers over 12 years old.

It must be noted that in Australia and New Zealand, Duromine and its generics (Metermine, Phentermine Resin-iNova, and Phentermine Resin-Valeant) are administered for the treatment of obesity in children of 12 years and older. In the USA, weight loss drugs containing Phentermine (Adipex-P, Ionamin and Phentermine) are only prescribed to teenagers over 16 years old.

In some countries of the world (USA, for example), the price of Duromine generics is lower than the price of original Duromine capsules. Hence, if you want to offset your costs on obesity treatment, ask your doctor under what trademarks Duromine generics are available in your city.