Diet plan with Duromine

Use of Duromine diet pills ensures a moderate gradual weight loss. There are 4 main stages in anti-obesity therapy:

I – 0-3 months of using Duromine capsules (weight loss by 10-15%)
II – 4-6 months, maintaining weight on an achieved level (diet)
III – 7-9 months, the second course with Duromine capsules (further weight loss)
IV – 10 months and more; healthy eating and regular sports (maintenance of the achieved body mass)

When taking Duromine capsules, it is recommended to stick to a low calorie diet. A balanced diet requires women to consume 1200-1400 calories and men – 1400-1600 kcal per day. Daily nutritional amount for a person, who wants to lose weight, must include:
  • 30% of fats30%
  • 15% of proteins15%
  • 50-60% of carbohydrates60%
Duromine and fats
During the therapy with Duromine, person must consume 30-50% of fats, consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Energy value of saturated fatty acids during anti-obesity therapy with Duromine diet pills must not exceed 10% of calories, consumed throughout a day.
Duromine and cholesterol
When keeping a low calorie diet together with Duromine capsules, a patient should eat only fat-free kinds of fish, poultry (skin-free) and beef meat. The anti-obesity therapy means that consumed food must contain maximum 300 g of cholesterol.
Duromine and protein
For moderate weight loss, provided by Duromine weight loss drug, the body needs a sufficient amount of protein every day. Protein energy value during the anti-obesity therapy is delivered into the body with soy products (soy product caloricity – 90 to 150 kcal in 100 g).
Duromine and carbohydrates
Carbohydrates high in dietary soluble fiber are the main part of the weight loss therapy with Duromine. The largest amount of fiber is found in fruit, vegetables and sugar-free berries. Soluble nutritional fibers are mostly found in beans, wholegrain bread, bran, oats and barley.
Duromine and calcium
In addition to carbs, protein and fats, the consumed food during the weight loss therapy must be rich in calcium. To enrich a low-calorie diet with calcium, dairy products are added to a daily diet along with Duromine capsules. In anti-obesity therapy, it is recommended to have milk and low fat or fat-free cottage cheese.
Duromine and salt
When sticking to a diet plan with Duromine, the patient should reduce the consumption of salt down to 4 g per day. The best way is to stop using salt at all. In order to get a moderate weight loss when using Duromine capsules, it is recommended to drink 2-2.5 liters of still water daily.
Duromine and green tea
Along with the Duromine drug therapy of obesity, patients should drink green tea. The thing is that green tea contains large amount of catechins that can improve metabolism, stimulating thermogenesis. Clinical trials have shown that three cups of green tea between the main meals can increase your energy consumption by 80 kcal per day.
It is noteworthy that obesity is a chronic disease. It means that anti-obesity therapy must not be interrupted. Once the desired result is achieved by means of diet plan and Duromine capsules, the patient should continue following the diet therapy and active lifestyle. Constant dieting and regular workouts allow avoiding obesity relapses and helping to maintain normal weight.

If you decided to buy Duromine without prescription, but you don’t know how to make up a good diet plan, just consult a nutritionist or a therapist before buying Duromine.