How to have a good sleep and still take Duromine

Insomnia is among the most common side effects of Duromine (Phentermine). Most often, patients complain of having sleep disorders in the beginning of using Duromine diet pills. Usually, insomnia occurs because the body adapts to Duromine drug and change of lifestyle (especially with increased physical activity prior to bedtime).

However, within 1-2 weeks of using Duromine diet pills, most of side effects disappear (for example, sleep disturbance and insomnia).

In general, the overweight body needs 8 hours of normal sleep. If a person sleeps less than 8 hours, his body gets tired. As a result, depression and irritability may arise. A long-term sleep disturbance can increase the load on the patient’s cardiovascular system and internal organs.

Therefore, if insomnia occurs after the use of Duromine, the patient needs to take measures to improve his night sleep. To prevent insomnia, the patient is recommended:

  • Go to bed at one and the same time daily
  • Avoid using caffeine after lunch
  • Walk before bedtime
If a person finds it difficult to fall asleep in stuffy room and he needs more air, he should ventilate his room before going to bed.

In case these measures didn’t help in preventing insomnia, it is reasonable to change the dosage of Duromine. If a maximal dose of Duromine 40mg causes chronic sleep disorders, the person is recommended to reduce the dose down to 30mg.

If needed, Duromine dose can be reduced down to 15mg. It was noted that obese patients have rarely complained of insomnia, when using a minimal daily dose of Duromine 15mg.

In order to have a good night sleep when using Duromine, one can take some natural medicines. For instance, herbal tea help to get rid of insomnia without efforts. All you have to do is make yourself a herbal tea and drink it 1-2 hours before sleep. Herbal tea components may vary: peony, sleep-grass, chamomile, peppermint, valerian, lemon balm, hops, hawthorn, etc.

Unlike many sleeping pills, herbal tea does not cause dependence and actually cure insomnia. While, the prescription sleeping pills help when other methods of insomnia treatment are ineffective.

The main thing is that a sleeping drug does not interact to Duromine. Because sleeping pills are included into the list of psychoactive drugs (for example, Zolpidem, Dimedrol, Zaleplon and others), you should consult a doctor before using them.

If you have regular or spontaneous sleep problems, send your questions on email prior to buy Duromine online. You can order slimming capsules Duromine online and get a pharmacist’s consultation from any country of the world.