Effects of stopping Duromine

Duromine weight loss drug is prescribed to people with BMI over 30, BMI 25, and above, but accompanied with comorbidities (cholecystitis, metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus).

Duromine is administered as a short-term adjunct to diet and physiotherapy. Duromine diet pills must not be taken more than three months. Duromine is a potent anorexigenic drug, available at pharmacies on prescription only.

Anorexigenic effect of Duromine is carried out through the central nervous system. Therefore, uncontrolled application of Duromine capsules is accompanied by the risk of side effects, physical and psychological dependence. In this regard, Duromine diet pills are contraindicated to people with drug dependence in their medical history.

Drug dependence is manifested through the need in a constant use of Duromine diet pills. Causes of drug dependence are:

  • Dizziness
  • Change of defecation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Worsening of overall health
The listed drug dependence symptoms show up in withdrawal of Duromine diet pills or increased dosage of Duromine. Psychological dependence of Duromine is characterized by occurrence of panic symptoms. In fact, symptoms of panic develop in people only with a thought of a missed single dose of Duromine. Physical dependence of Duromine is manifested as tremor, excessive sweating, anxiety, irritability or headache.

When first symptoms of Duromine dependence appear, one should consult a doctor. Sometimes, in order to stop taking Duromine diet pills, a person has to be hospitalized. This will help to strictly adhere to doctor’s recommendations. In most cases, therapy of drug dependence increases Duromine side effects (common malaise, anxiety, irritability and insomnia).

In modern medicine, to cure a drug dependence, doctors prescribe a complex therapy: psychotherapy, physical exertion, drugs and complete withdrawal of the active pharmaceutical substance (Phentermine) and its compounds from the body. Timely started drug dependence therapy helps to get rid of Duromine dependence and to return to a normal healthy life rapidly. However, a patient has to control any drugs (Duromine capsules too) intake, even after the end of the therapy.

It must be noted that anorexigenic effect of Duromine is only manifested during the use of diet pills. Weight loss drug Duromine has no prolonged effect. Therefore, after the withdrawal of Duromine capsules, a person must adhere to a dietary restriction and physiotherapy. If a patient does not change his eating habits and lifestyle, the risk of body weight regain increases.

If you were diagnosed drug dependence and you want to buy Duromine online no prescription, you must be aware that this weight loss drug is contraindicated to you.