The best exercises to slim down calves fast

Every girl dreams of beautiful and slim legs. Even skinny girls are often tortured with plump calves that spoil the beauty of their legs. If you are in such situation, you can use special calf slimming exercises. If you want to get lose weight in general, including the calves area, exercising will not give you the desired result, if used alone. Either way, this article provides many tips that you can benefit from to achieve your weight loss goal!

To begin with, the first step to get slim calves fast, or reduce the volume of any other part of your body is a harmonious diet. The simplest advice to make calf slimming exercises effective is to limit the consumption of fats and carbs. Adequate diet is important not only for slimming your calves, but also for maintaining the weight loss results you achieve.

Exercises for a beautiful calves

It is important to know:
  • If you use only strength workouts, leg muscles will be pumped, and you will achieve an opposite result
  • Calf slimming exercises should be light, with multiple approaches
  • Some yoga practices are very useful: static and muscle strain exercises
  • Step platform is another irreplaceable ally in your mission. You can replace it with small a bench
1. Calf slimming exercise with a step-platform

• Put one leg on the platform, and the other on the floor.
• In 10 sets, increasing the pace, put both feet on the platform and change them one by one.

2. Stretching

One of the most important exercises for thinner calf muscles is the stretching.
• Take a step forward, with hands on your buttocks.
• Slowly bend the leg, and set the other foot against the floor.
• Keep doing it about 30 seconds for each leg.

3. Pedal

• Lie on your back, knees bent.
• Pull the toes, alternating legs.
• In this position, you can also make movements, as if you are cycling.

These are just a few of possible calf slimming exercises. But if you are still wondering on how you can slim your calves after performing an exercise program and sticking to a weight loss diet, you can try using a plastic surgery for your calves, or a course of massage and a variety of heat treatments, as well as contrast shower hydrotherapy.